Get Inspired By the Top 2019 Photography Trends Coming Your Way

2019 photography trendsDid you ever think that photography would have trends that come and go like clothing styles?

What hot image is everyone searching for? How can you make your image the most important image on the internet?

With photographer jobs projected to decline over the next few years, what can you do to have your work stand out?

What are the best 2019 photography trends that will help when selling photography? Read on to get inspired by the newest trends.

Top 2019 Photography Trends

Are you ready for what is new in 2019? Stay on the cutting edge with these hot art trends.

  1. Drone Photography

Did you ever think that drones would be so affordable? Drone photography is becoming more popular as the prices of photography drones come down.

Imagine all of the cool places you can guide a drone to go to get those usually unreachable photos.

Drones are killing it in the world of travel and landscape photos. Think about investing in one if you have not already.

  1. Vertical Photos

With most people using their phones to view everything from the news to pictures on Instagram to email, the world has become vertical.

You will want to make sure to keep that in mind when creating your photography website.

While taking photos, your first thought will be how to capture the best image. If you can do that vertically, that is great to keep it mobile-friendly, but remember you can always edit an image to fit the bill.

  1. Natural, Real Photos

In the world of fake news and photoshop, people are looking for something real. Candid photos deliver!

Spontaneous and outdoor photos rather than studio ones feel more genuine and show raw emotions.

Candids are a big trend in wedding photography. Capturing the bride and groom being themselves will become a treasured part of the wedding album.

  1. Film Is Back

Believe it or not, photographers are going back to film. I guess it is more like discovering film for the first time.

Photographers are honing their creative and technical skills because with film there are no immediate results or do-overs.

  1. Raising Awareness

Photographers are using their images to raise awareness of social and environmental causes and to promote diversity and inclusivity.

How many accounts do you follow on social media? How many of them are blending their art with promoting change in the world?

  1. Animals

Who does not love seeing pictures of animals? From cat videos to thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to dogs, people love to see animals in their natural habitat.

Including wild and domestic animals on your social media account will win over thousands of followers.

Are You Ready for the Latest Trends?

You just learned the new 2019 photography trends. Do you have the equipment you need? Are you up on the proper methods to get the best photos?

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