5 Most Common Amateur Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

amateur photography mistakes to avoidLike any other art form, photography takes time, talent, quality equipment, and strong dedication to the craft to create beautiful pieces. That is the only way to truly learn and grow.

When you think about how to get started in photography, be prepared to make mistakes and learn as you go. Even seasoned professionals make mistakes here and there.

Read on to find out what the five most common amateur photography mistakes are and how you can prevent them.

  1. Your Focus Is Off

Shooting the perfect image is a challenge for beginner photographers as they are still learning the basic techniques of photography, including angle, light, exposure, and more.

The first thing to master is your focus. If you shoot your images using the auto settings, your camera may pick the wrong object to focus on and alter the image significantly. Using the manual focus allows you to determine what is the focus of your shot and gives you the ability to zero in on exactly what you want to capture at that moment.

You cannot fix the focus in post-production so it is essential to make it right in the moments where you first capture the image. To practice your focus, go to a favorite spot and take random images, focusing on different items or individuals in each one. Play with the distance, giving your photos an interesting perspective as you opt to focus on the horizon versus an object closer to the camera. With time, you will learn how to focus manually to create amazing images.

  1. Your Exposure and Contrast are Off

When learning photography as a beginner, you will come across exposure and contrast, which are crucial terms to describe how you are using the light and environment to capture your image.

They depend on the subjects you are shooting, the scenery, and the light sources. You want to master these settings with your camera, not in post-production.

Unless your goal is to show a stark contrast, only use this option sparingly. Many beginners make the mistake of using them in an attempt to experiment and be different.

Good photography is more about the moment and the subject, therefore, it is important to use techniques that showcase them well.

  1. Your Photos Are Blurry or Not Sharp Enough

In novice photography, it is common to find shaky and blurry photos.

These images happen because photographers are not used to the camera and have not adjusted their sharpness and shutter speed settings. To avoid this, look for cameras with image stabilization or use different lenses to find the sweet spot that gives you the sharpest and crisp images you want. If possible, consider a tripod as another means to stabilize your camera for a unique shot.

  1. You Use Too Much Color Saturation

Any photography enthusiast strives to take lively photos, but beginners tend to go over the top with the color saturation. This process happens while shooting, but also in post-production.

To avoid this mistake, find the best light possible and use subjects with strong natural colors. Then limit your editing so that the image reflects the beauty you are trying to capture.

  1. You Rely on Post-Production Too Much

Professional photography is equal parts talent, good equipment, and decent post-production.

However, some novice photographers rely on Photoshop and LightRoom too much and make their photos unrealistic. Do not fall into the trap of altering your photos so much that they no longer appear to capture your subject effectively. Instead, remember that post-production is there to fix minor mistakes or remove ugly objects that may ruin the composition. It cannot make up for bad photography or improper technique.

In the end, you need to practice taking pictures more and working on the editing less to improve your techniques.

Avoid These Amateur Photography Mistakes

If taking photos and making memories is your passion, these amateur photography tips will help you master the craft.

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