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Get Inspired By the Top 2019 Photography Trends Coming Your Way

Did you ever think that photography would have trends that come and go like clothing styles? What hot image is everyone searching for? How can you make your image the most important image on the internet? With photographer jobs projected to decline over the next few years, what can you do to have your work stand out? What are the best 2019 photography trends that will help when selling photography? Read on to get inspired […]

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Get Your Creativity out There (And Get Paid for It): An Effective Marketing Plan for Professional Photographers

If you have taken the decision to follow your passion and start your own photography business, you will likely be trying to chase that most elusive of assets – paying clients. No matter how talented a photographer you might be, success is not possible without the right business skills to boot. Successful photography is all about successful photography marketing ideas. Once you have established a strong online presence, the clients will come. Here is your […]

How Do You Use Instagram to Promote Your Photography? Here Are 5 Tips to Get Started

You have got the talent and the portfolio site. Now you need a way to make sure the world sees your awesome photography. Instagram is a fantastic choice, with over 1 billion unique users! Even if you have used Instagram for fun, using it to promote your business is a whole other beast. How do you use Instagram to promote your great photography? Read on for five great tips and find out. Do Not Rush […]

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Photography Website Design 101-5 Tips to Inspire More Clicks

Do you take excellent photos? Are you looking for the world to take note and hire you as their photographer? Well, even if you are the best photographer in the world, you are not going to get very far without a photography website. A few photos slapped onto a page does not make a photography website. A photography website is more than a portfolio. It is also a vessel for finding and collaborating with future […]

Top 5 Tips for Organizing Your Digital Photo Archive

Do you have a messy digital photo archive that is stressing you out? It is no wonder efficiency, or lack thereof, has an effect on your brain. It does not only contribute to stress. A lack of efficiency and organization also impacts your productivity. As in every other aspect of your life, it is important to have organizational skills in photo storage. It will help you be more efficient in finding and storing every single […]

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The Keys to Building a Sports Photography Business

Ready to start a sports photography business? Good choice! In 2017, it was reported that Americans spent more than $56 billion on sporting events. Spending and enthusiasm are high in the sporting world. A good photographer to capture special moments is always in demand. With careful planning and networking, you can become a successful sports photographer. However, starting a business, especially if you have never done it before, can be a bit overwhelming. Here are […]

Wedding Photography Business Lessons: How to Upsell Effectively

Are you trying to boost your wedding photography business? Well, you’re in luck. There are plenty of opportunities for growth in your chosen field. After all, millions of weddings happen each year in the United States alone. If you find that you’re unsure of how to take your photography business to the next level, it’s time to focus on upselling. What is upselling and how can you employ it without making your clients feel pressured […]

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How to Sell Photos Online: 4 Creative Methods

Photographers thinking of selling their photos as a business and making it a consistent source of income have many options. Are you a photographer who loves the craft, but are unclear how to profit from the art? With advancements online and the market for stock photography, you may want to get into selling your photography online. Not sure how that works or where to start? Here are some creative ways to sell photos online. Launch […]

5 Most Common Amateur Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Like any other art form, photography takes time, talent, quality equipment, and strong dedication to the craft to create beautiful pieces. That is the only way to truly learn and grow. When you think about how to get started in photography, be prepared to make mistakes and learn as you go. Even seasoned professionals make mistakes here and there. Read on to find out what the five most common amateur photography mistakes are and how […]

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4 Little-Known Factors That Affect Your Black and White Photography

Some may view black and white photography as the “old fashioned” kind of photography. However, black and white photography is just as valid in modern photography and a unique art form all its own. In fact, the right image in black and white can be stunning and far more powerful than the same image in color. The absence of color can make the image less cluttered and there is less to distract the viewer. A […]