How Do You Use Instagram to Promote Your Photography? Here Are 5 Tips to Get Started

how do you use InstagramYou have got the talent and the portfolio site. Now you need a way to make sure the world sees your awesome photography.

Instagram is a fantastic choice, with over 1 billion unique users!

Even if you have used Instagram for fun, using it to promote your business is a whole other beast.

How do you use Instagram to promote your great photography? Read on for five great tips and find out.

  1. Do Not Rush The Process

If you are serious about photography, you know how intricate it can be. From choosing the right angle to picking the right f-stop and getting the framing just right, the perfect photo does not happen on its own.

The same can be said for great Instagram marketing.

Though it is important to post on a regular basis, do not strain yourself to post if you are not ready. Your Instagram should be a representation of your best work only.

Spend a little extra time in the editing room, and do not be afraid to go the extra mile. It may require some extra time, but you will blow your audience away.

  1. Set Yourself Apart

With 1 billion users, it is no wonder why so many photographers struggle to get noticed! Numbers alone are not the only factor at play.

If you are looking to stand apart, develop your unique voice. Find a niche that suits your interests and dedicate your Instagram page to photographing it.

The more generalized the page, the less likely you are to get noticed, so do not be afraid to get as specific as possible.

  1. Link to Your Website

If you are looking to use Instagram marketing to boost your photography business, you will need to make sure people know how to find out more.

From seeing more of your great work to contacting you, including a link to your website in the image caption is a fantastic way to promote your work.

  1. Use Hashtags

Though hashtags have found their place in pop culture, they started as a marketing tool. Originally, hashtags were a way to keep track of user discussions and gauge user opinions.

Though the way we use hashtags has evolved over the years, you can still use them for marketing purposes as long as you pick your hashtags carefully.

Any hashtags you use should fit the theme of your work. For instance, if you are photographing wildlife, #Nature would be a great choice.

Hashtags are also a fantastic place to plug your business. Each post should have a hashtag with your business’ name.

  1. Establish a Community

An Instagram page gives you so much more than a place to post your wonderful photography. It is also a great means of interacting with others who inspire you — or who you inspire!

You should always do your best to reach out to your audience. Doing so establishes a rapport that encourages trust and loyalty.

Do not be afraid to comment on others’ posts! As long as you are not trying to steal the spotlight, starting conversations with artists who inspire you provides a great networking opportunity.

How Do You Use Instagram to Promote Photography? Follow this guide.

Instagram is a wonderful resource for photographers, both established and up and coming. If you are looking for an avenue to help promote your great photography, Instagram is the way to go!

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