How to Sell Photos Online: 4 Creative Methods

how to sell photos online with these methodsPhotographers thinking of selling their photos as a business and making it a consistent source of income have many options. Are you a photographer who loves the craft, but are unclear how to profit from the art?

With advancements online and the market for stock photography, you may want to get into selling your photography online. Not sure how that works or where to start? Here are some creative ways to sell photos online.

  1. Launch a Patreon Campaign

One of the ways you can try to sell your photos online is to start up your own Patreon campaign. Various creative companies, artists, and YouTube content creators use Patreon to gain funding as they create projects and creations.

This option works well when you continually take photos and have them available for your patrons. This process ensures that they keep supporting you while you continually provide more content. This type of campaign gives them more stock photos or as assets for their projects, but you still get paid.

  1. Build a Site with a Shopping Cart System

Why get paid for photos hosted on someone else’s website when you can have your own? This option gives you the most control over your content and how you price or market your photos.

Building websites to sell photography might sound complicated, but nowadays it is easier than ever. There are CMS tools, like Word Press and Wix, to help you out as well as dynamic sites, such as MorePhotos, where you can purchase a professional photography site and be up and running in no time. While doing so, consider making use of a photography shopping cart to help ease up on the transaction process. With this shopping cart, your clients can build the products they want and then easily checkout, sending you the payment for their use of your photos.

  1. Learn How to Sell Photos Online with Social Media

Making use of the various sites for social media can help you spread awareness and presence to your photos. Having a page for your photography is one of the avenues you can consider. Linking this together with your photography website also allows you to gain traffic and be able to sell photos from there.

Social media is perfect for gaining reach and momentum for your audience. This tool allows you to engage with potential customers and audiences. You can also link your Patreon or photography shopping cart for them to pay for every shot you put up for purchase.

  1. Use Google Ads

You can also allow others to make use of your photos. With Google Ads, it can now come into the form of images and animated images. You can create banner ads that people can place on their websites to generate revenue.

Banner ads offer a more visual appeal. Combine that with well-taken photography and you can find a market where your customers can make use of your images for banner ads to promote their businesses. You still get profit while they make use of your assets.

Turn Photography Into Profit Today

Earning a living through photography is possible, allowing you to use your passion to sell beautiful images and earn a sizeable profit with it. All you need is the right means for marketing and your dedication in taking more photos.

Looking to learn more ways on how to sell photos online? We have the means to help you get started with having your photos earn you a profit. Contact us today to know more and we will get you started quickly and easily.

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