Get Your Creativity out There (And Get Paid for It): An Effective Marketing Plan for Professional Photographers

marketing for photographersIf you have taken the decision to follow your passion and start your own photography business, you will likely be trying to chase that most elusive of assets – paying clients.

No matter how talented a photographer you might be, success is not possible without the right business skills to boot. Successful photography is all about successful photography marketing ideas.

Once you have established a strong online presence, the clients will come. Here is your ultimate guide to marketing for photographers.

Marketing for Photographers Step One: Launch Your Website 

The first step of any photography marketing idea is to get your website up and running with plenty of content. You can use a free platform, like Word press or something sleeker and more professional.

Make sure you have a website feed that flows and has a consistent aesthetic so that potential customers know what they are getting. Do not forget to include essential information, such as contact numbers and rates.

Start Your Website Blog 

These days, the best photography promotion ideas revolve around Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To get your work to show up on search engines, a blog is by far the quickest and most effective way to boost your rankings.

Attach a dedicated blog about photography to your website, making sure to load each post with “searchable” keywords and plenty of links to other websites.

This way, your work will feature more prominently to those willing to pay for it.

Have an Active Social Media Presence 

Social media is the essence of any brand. If you’re trying to learn how to market your photography business, you need a strong grasp of social media. This option will be the primary gateway to potential customers.

You will want an Instagram to show off your work, a Twitter to tell your story, and a LinkedIn to network with clients. You should also have a Tumblr account to connect with other creatives in your field.

Make sure to use a platform, like Hootsuite, to queue up posts and keep the content stream steady.

Get Featured 

Photography marketing depends a lot on getting exposure from people or companies with bigger platforms than you. This type of marketing could be as simple as tagging all of your work on Instagram with profiles that are likely to feature you. It could be submitting your work to a national publication for free.

Keep an eye out for any photography submission call outs from major web publications, as they’ll likely include your name and website in anything they publish from you.


If you are learning how to market a photography business, one of the first lessons is that you cannot do it alone. You should be actively courting other photographers and designers to get them to work with you.

This process is the best way to not only build a name for yourself in the industry but also to show off your range and skills to a much wider audience.

Start Making Money

Once you have learned the A-Z of marketing for photographers, it is time to start getting paid. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are ready to start making serious money for your work.

MorePhotos offers online solutions that include professional websites and a powerful e-commerce shopping cart. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we can assist you in creating an online presence that will attract traffic to your photography website.

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