Litmus test for raising prices?

Michael Connors   
Jan 20
We were asked by a photographer if he should raise his prices or not.  My knee jerk response straight from the textbook was, “If the demand for your services is greater than what you can supply, then yes.”  But this is quite vague.  Here’s the litmus test we came up with that is now used by many successful trend setters: 1. Get an 18 month calendar.  If you regularly book weddings out further, then a

Imaging USA 2010

Michael Connors   
Jan 06
Nashville, here we come!  Imaging USA will take place in Nashville this year January 10th-12th.  We are excited to be offering some new time saving features when creating a new event, as well as revealing our new line of pre-designed templates.  Stop by our booth #764 for a tour of our new features, and don’t forget to pick up one of our world famous pens! We hope to see you there! We will also be

Newsletters 101

Michael Connors   
Oct 05
Remember, nobody “has the time” to write a newsletter regularly, some people just make the time.  You know, the ones not complaining about how hard it is right now. Consistency is very important, mark it on the calendar and stick to it.  If you really get in the flow, feel free to write the next one while you are at it. Talk about specials, new backgrounds, and a reason to go to your website if