When starting your photography business

Michael Connors   
Apr 26
Utilize the discount coupon! If you want to end up selling your 8×10’s for $20, that is what you should post them for, and if you want, you could give your first clients a discount coupon for any percent off you wish.  This way they know the real value of your service, and you mentally prepare them for the next visit they make, when you will be charging your standard pricing. Post EVERY event online!

SMS text notifications for new orders

Michael Connors   
Apr 08
Here is a quick tip on how to receive SMS text message notifications when you receive a new order. All you have to do is add a email address to your “Order Confirmation Emails” field in your PhotoManager application during your upload, or you can add the email to the “Order Confirmation Emails” field located in your Online Manager for events that are already online. Determining what email address you need to use in order

Show season 2010

Michael Connors   
Mar 23
We spent approximately 112 man hours putting up and taking down our booth during this years trade shows.  About 220 hours traveling, and 264 man hours during show time going over our features with clients and other eager-to-learn photographers.  The show season can be exhausting, but also inspiring.  Our new Search Engine friendly flash (because its also HTML) was VERY well received.  Every year we make strong new connections and come away with new focus

Setting up PayPal as a payment method

Michael Connors   
Mar 11
You only need to complete a few steps in order to use PayPal with your MorePhotos shopping cart. The first step is to sign-up for a PayPal account if you do not already have one. Visit their website at www.paypal.com to get your free account. Once you’re signed up with PayPal log-in to your Online Manager and follow these steps: Click Cart Manager from the left, then click the Real-Time Processing tab from the top.

The importance of watermarking your images

Michael Connors   
Mar 03
To some this may be a new idea, but to many it is an everyday assurance that you online images are as protected as they can be. One way of utilizing the tools we offer to protect your images is to watermark them. This can be done in the PhotoManager before the upload process has taken place. To add a watermark to your images open PhotoManager: Choose the Options button located near the bottom left

How to change hyperlink colors for HTML pages

Michael Connors   
Feb 11
One question I seem to receive quite often is how can I change the color of my links in my site pages? To go about changing these colors log in to your Online Manager. Click Website Manager from the left, Site Pages from the top, then click the update icon for the site page you wish to edit (for example: contact us). Within the page content area you will see a “Format” menu, click Format

Getting started with our flash templates

Michael Connors   
Feb 01
Hi Everyone and thanks for checking out the blog! Our first entry will address the initial steps in converting your MorePhotos website template to the brand new flash sites. Our development crew has been hard at work on these new templates and we expect a large template turnover from our existing client base. To help ease the amount of calls to our tech department we will be rolling out videos outlining the process of setting

Unveiling More Online Solutions for Photographers!

Michael Connors   
Jan 23
Off to an exciting start in 2010, MorePhotos unveils yet another upgrade to its photography software that allows photographers to sell their photos online. The upgrade allows clients to capture the best of both Flash and Html worlds.  Why is this vital to your operation?  Call me, I’ll explain as we update your website! Billed as ‘the photographer’s software’, MorePhotos has the unique perspective on the needs of photographers across the globe, based on daily

Litmus test for raising prices?

Michael Connors   
Jan 20
We were asked by a photographer if he should raise his prices or not.  My knee jerk response straight from the textbook was, “If the demand for your services is greater than what you can supply, then yes.”  But this is quite vague.  Here’s the litmus test we came up with that is now used by many successful trend setters: 1. Get an 18 month calendar.  If you regularly book weddings out further, then a

Imaging USA 2010

Michael Connors   
Jan 06
Nashville, here we come!  Imaging USA will take place in Nashville this year January 10th-12th.  We are excited to be offering some new time saving features when creating a new event, as well as revealing our new line of pre-designed templates.  Stop by our booth #764 for a tour of our new features, and don’t forget to pick up one of our world famous pens! We hope to see you there! We will also be