amateur photography mistakes to avoid

5 Most Common Amateur Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Michael Connors   
Aug 20
Like any other art form, photography takes time, talent, quality equipment, and strong dedication to the craft to create beautiful pieces. That is the only way to truly learn and grow. When you think about how to get started in photography, be prepared to make mistakes and learn as you go. Even seasoned professionals make mistakes here and there. Read on to find out what the five most common amateur photography mistakes are and how
black and white photography

4 Little-Known Factors That Affect Your Black and White Photography

Michael Connors   
Aug 06
Some may view black and white photography as the “old fashioned” kind of photography. However, black and white photography is just as valid in modern photography and a unique art form all its own. In fact, the right image in black and white can be stunning and far more powerful than the same image in color. The absence of color can make the image less cluttered and there is less to distract the viewer. A
long exposure photography tips

5 Essential Long Exposure Photography Tips

Michael Connors   
Jul 26
The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of long exposure photography. Due to the surreal and otherworldly effects, long exposure photography is often considered to be fine art photography. All you need is a DSLR camera and a sturdy tripod to start taking these gorgeous shots. When you hit the shutter button, a hole opens to allow your camera’s image sensor to get a glimpse of the scene you want to
value-added options for your photography business

How to Add Value to Your Photography Business

Michael Connors   
Jul 11
In the age of digital photography and continuously improving cell phone cameras, people will take millions of photos without picking up a digital camera. With the added convenience of uploading images from a phone to social media, you need to find a way to stand out and show your customers that they get more than just beautiful photos when working with a professional photographer. One way to do this is by adding value to your
photography lighting tips for shooting outdoors

5 Photography Lighting Tips for Shooting Outdoors

Michael Connors   
Jun 26
Understanding how to take good pictures outside is not the same as shooting indoors. It’s much easier to control the environment when you’re inside your studio or within some other confined space. Outdoors is a whole other world when it comes to lighting for photography. There are many factors to think about and different tricks you need to use to get the right shot. To get better at taking photos in such conditions, use the
tips for a photographer's online portfolio

What Clients Look for in a Photographer’s Online Portfolio

Michael Connors   
Jun 13
If you’re a freelance photographer or run a small photography business, a strong marketing strategy is going to be essential for attracting more clients. The two most important aspects of that marketing strategy will be a great website and a strong online portfolio. Clients will hire you based on the quality of the work you’ve done in the past, therefore, you need to compile the best photography portfolio possible. You want to be able to
create the perfect pet photographs

5 Tips For Creating Pet Photographs Your Clients Will Love

Michael Connors   
May 30
Are you an aspiring pet photographer?  It’s a great business if you have the right skills. Photographing pets can be difficult. You want to snap pets in their natural element and savor their cuteness. It’s challenging since animals often can get distracted, looking away and walking off while you’re trying to snap the picture. There are strategies professional animal photographers use that can work for any pet. Here are seven tips for creating the perfect
tips for wedding photography

3 Tips for Wedding Photography You Can Use This Summer

Michael Connors   
May 16
It’s wedding season! With the average cost of a wedding photographer increasing each year, you have to stand out as a photography company. Don’t sit on the sidelines with all of these opportunities for adding to your business. Instead, you can grow your client base this summer with these three key tips for wedding photography. Stay Ahead of the Ceremony at All Times Your work begins bright and early, from having a user-friendly and comprehensive
photography marketing tips

Photography Marketing Tips Every Photographer Should Know

Michael Connors   
Apr 23
Every photographer needs to market their business. Constantly attracting new customers can be tricky. With the right marketing, however, you can start booking the clients you want to work for on a regular basis. Check out our photography marketing tips that every photographer should know. Selecting the Right Photos For Your Portfolio Photographers assume their portfolio is simply a gallery of their best photos. A very important part of this process is acknowledging which photos
getting hired as an event photographer

5 Tips for Getting Hired as an Event Photographer

Michael Connors   
Apr 09
With the upcoming wedding, prom and graduation seasons, have you considered becoming an event photographer? If you’re thinking about getting started, there are a few things you should know before you get into this field of photography. Capturing someone’s special day is an important job that can’t be taken lightly. You’ll need to be able to answer questions that potential clients will have before the event and when you’re onsite shooting photos. Communication is key