How to Add Value to Your Photography Business

In the age of digital photography and continuously improving cell phone cameras, people will take millions of photos without picking up a digital camera. With the added convenience of uploading images from a phone to social media, you need to find a way to stand out and show your customers that they get more than just beautiful photos when working with a professional photographer.

One way to do this is by adding value to your services, thus giving your customers a unique opportunity to capture a memory of a moment in time that stands out from the cell phone images. What are some ways that you can add value to your services? Here are 3 key ways to increase your offerings and make you stand out to potential clients.

Create Framing Options

For many of your clients, sitting for photos also means taking the prints and trying to find frames that match their décor. Your work could end up in a pile of photos that they will try to get to later but are eventually forgotten. By offering your clients different framing choices, you create an opportunity to increase your sales, but also give your clients added convenience. Those beautiful photos are likely to end up on their walls sooner, which creates talking points that allow your name to come up.

Offering multiple sizes, various colors, and different matting options allow you to meet everyone’s taste. Giving your clients a framing option can also give your marketing and word-of-mouth business opportunities.

Offer Gift Options

Your photos are capturing your clients in a beautiful way, but it does not have to be available only in a standard framed photo. Your work could become a quality personalized gift for a family member to mark an anniversary, a special time in a sport’s career or even as a birthday present.

Consider offering options that allow them to make something unique out of your photos, such as a shadow box. Using a framing company that allows you to access wholesale framing can help you expand your offerings without increasing your inventory.

Your clients will appreciate the added touch that personalizes their gift while creating a wonderful memory in the process.

Build a Network

When it comes to offering more value, the key can often be in buying wholesale. However, you might not want to purchase a large inventory just to receive the benefits of wholesale pricing. Instead, consider building a network with other photographers in your area and then use that network to take advantage of wholesale pricing. You can also use that network to create a large order for framing and matting, allowing you to pass savings onto your clients while also providing a nice value-added service.

If you want to offer framing or these other options, it is important to partner with a company that has experience in canvas stretching and using a variety of matting and framing selections, at the same time still delivering a quality product. They also need to provide a quick turnaround, allowing you to meet your clients’ needs in record time.

Framemaker II, MorePhotos newest integrated partner, offers photographers a variety of framing possibilities that can be used to create beautiful photos for display with any décor or as gifts for any occasion. Contact us to see how together we can help you expand your offerings to your clients.

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