Photography Website Design 101-5 Tips to Inspire More Clicks

photography website designDo you take excellent photos? Are you looking for the world to take note and hire you as their photographer?

Well, even if you are the best photographer in the world, you are not going to get very far without a photography website.

A few photos slapped onto a page does not make a photography website. A photography website is more than a portfolio. It is also a vessel for finding and collaborating with future clients.

For people to want to work with you, you need to make sure your photography website design is top notch.

How do you create an awesome design?

Read on to learn the top photography web design tips for more clicks.

  1. Personalize It

Quality photos are only part of the reason people hire you. The other reason is that they like your style of work and feel like they can connect to it.

Therefore, it is very important to add some personality to your website. This step means that the colors, style, and overall “vibe” of the site should all be in line with the personality of your work.

If you are looking for an easy way to personalize your website, then create a logo. A logo can help separate your photography business from the rest.

Adding an “about me” section is another great way to personalize your site. This section should include info about your life outside of photography, how you got into photography, and why you love it so much.

Adding the above personal elements to your site will help your clients feel more connected to your brand.

  1. Showcase Only Your Best Work

Many people make the mistake of showcasing a ton of their work on their site, thinking that this will help clients see their breadth of work and their versatility.

However, this strategy often backfires. When you put a lot of photos on your site, you often end up choosing ones that are just average.

Instead, you should only showcase a few of your best pieces of work. This way, you will leave your clients dying to see more of your talent.

  1. Make Navigation Super Simple

One of the main reasons people leave websites is because they find them difficult to navigate.

It would be a shame if someone left your site out of confusion, so make sure you keep the navigation super simple. The contact page, gallery, and pricing page should all be super simple to find and use.

This tip will help convert visitors to your site into returning clients.

  1. Add a Little Movement 

Adding movement to your site is a great way to make it more engaging.

Short video clips, interactive hover effects, and a bit of animation can go a long way. Plus, it amps up the creativity of the site.

Motion is one of the biggest trends in photography websites these days, so it also helps your site appear current.

Are You Ready to Kill it With Your Photography Website Design?

By implementing these tips, you will have the best photography website design in the business. Pretty soon, you will be getting requests from clients left and right.

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