Get Online: Why Every Photographer Needs a Website

Photography Website The launch the Huawei P20 Pro gave amazing technology to non-photographers. Instagram (1 billion users and counting) made sharing images easier.

These two factors make it both easier, and harder, to become a photographer. Easier because you can reach more people than ever. Harder because there is more competition.

One way to stand out from the crowd is having your own photography website. Not sure if you need one in the Facebook Page era?

Read on to learn why photography websites can set you apart from the crowd.

  1. You Can Claim Your Space Online

Branding yourself is a great way to stand out among the other photographers in your niche. Having a .com is a good way to stake your claim on that brand.

It has more of a global field than a or a .dk domain might have. Plus, it stops other photographers from marketing themselves with your name.

  1. You Are Not Building Your Empire on Someone Else’s Land

Social media, like Instagram, is a great way to get exposure for your photography. However, you are always playing by someone else’s rules.

Any photographer is just one algorithm change away from losing their audience. You are also stuck using whatever interface the social media platform wants you to use.

When you have your own website, you control how it looks. You also control how it functions.

You also risk having it go down when the platform has problems. Facebook and Instagram suffered an 8-hour outage in March 2019 affecting global users. Imagine if your entire photography presence was only on those two platforms?

  1. A Photography Website Looks More Professional Than Facebook

Imagine you meet your ideal client at a party. They are thrilled to hear you are a photographer and they want to see your work.

You could give them a link to your Facebook Page. It is cluttered with random updates and you need to tidy up the albums.

On the other hand, you could give them the link to your photography portfolio website. It is clean and easy to navigate. Plus, you have even included links to an online store where they can buy prints.

A Facebook Page might say ‘like me’. A website says ‘hire me’.

  1. It Is Google-Friendly

Google uses algorithms to rank websites based on a range of factors. The key point you need to know is it does not rank Facebook Pages within those search results.

Say a potential client wants to hire a wedding photographer in New Jersey. They might Google ‘wedding photographers in New Jersey’. If you had ‘wedding photographer’ and ‘New Jersey’ on your website, you stand a chance of being in the results.

If you do not have a website at all? Forget it.

There is a lot to learn about search engine optimization (SEO). For now, understand the search engines cannot find and display websites that do not exist.

Now You Know Why You Need a Photography Website

It is possible for photographers to get work based on word of mouth alone. Even a portfolio of amazing photography might get you so far down the track.

On the other hand, a photography website gives you a solid base online. It gives you somewhere to send traffic that you can control. You can even sell your images there.

Convinced? Why not check out our guide to designing photography websites?

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